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"Robert Mueller"                                         Photographed by g. Paul Bishop, '60
 No. 2                                                                     2019 G. Paul Bishop, Jr.


Robert Mueller



Robert Mueller is a gifted young American Pianist who has won a solid reputation for vigor, clarity, and sensitively controlled musicianship. In both Europe and America he is recognized as an able interpreter of modern music as well as of the works of classic and romantic composers. In the United States he has appeared with the San Francisco Symphony, the Sacramento Philharmonic, the University of Miami Symphony, and other orchestra and chamber ensembles. His Town Hall and Carnegie Hall recitals brought extraordinary critical acclaim. In the fall of 1956 his European tour included such cities as Helsinki, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Milan and other music enters. 1961-1962 will mark his fifth United States tour, including plans for Asia, the Near and Far East and South America.

Born in Decatur, Illinois, Mueller studied under Moissaye Boguslawski in Chicago and with Egon Petri at Cornell University. At the ages of sixteen and seventeen he appeared with the New York City Symphony and in recitals. During the war he spent three years in the U.S. Army Air Corps, during which time he qualified as a pilot, served as instructor in navigation, gave occasional recitals, and appeared with orchestra and on Hollywood canteen shows. Immediately upon completion of his Air Force service in 1946, he resumed music study under Harold Logan in San Francisco. Since his recital debut there in 1950, Mr. Mueller has been especially active as a concert artist in the cities of the West Coast. He won the San Francisco Music Critic Award in 1953 and the San Francisco Symphony Foundation Award in 1955. He has also appeared repeatedly with the Campion Festivals, featuring old and contemporary music.

Mr. Mueller has consistently championed the cause of contemporary composers by including one or more of their works in many of his programs. The New York premiere of Boris Bacher's Piano Sonata, Opus 39, for example, which Mr. Mueller presented in Town Hall, introduced an important work of a young German composer who has been active in the United States. In the San Francisco area and elsewhere Mr. Mueller has also introduced works of young Californian composers. Apart from his professional activities, Mr. Mueller is an avid collector of phonograph records. His collection exceeds 3,000 catalogued recordings, some of which are extremely rare. He is an amateur photographer and often takes several cameras with him on tour for both still photography and motion pictures. His oriental art collection would be envied by many museums specializing in the Ming and Sung dynasties. When not on tour Mr. Mueller lives in Berkeley, California.


_____. Biography supplied by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, featuring
     "Robert Mueller, Pianist." Approximate date: 1960.


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