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"Charles Darwin"                                       Photographed by g. Paul Bishop, '55
                                                                             2019 G. Paul Bishop, Jr.


Sir Charles Darwin
(Charles Galton Darwin)
1887 - 1962

British Physicist

Grandson of the famous British Naturalist


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Charles Galton Darwin
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Sir Charles Darwin Warns of
Over-population Crisis


Starvation --- pr war --- are the unavoidable ends to which the world's present rate of population growth is driving, in the opinion of Sir Charles Darwin, distinguished British scientist, who delivered the second Charter Week address at the University of California.

Descended from the great evolutionary theorist who first charted the development of the human species, Sit Charles sees population far outdistancing the capacity of natural resources to provide for human needs.

"Nature's way is to produce too many, and kill off the excess," he pointed out. "I am a pessimist about the ability of human beings to limit their numbers in a better way. British control, yes, but not unless everybody practices it and they do not.

"In the past 250 years world population has quadrupled, and only by a most abnormal combination of scientific and economic developments has provision been made for their maintenance. Even so, two-thirds of the world's population is already underfed. An almost miraculous effort of agricultural advance resulted in an 8 per cent increase in the world's food supply between 1947 and 1953. And in those same year's population went up 11 per cent.

"At the World Population Conference in Rome recently, world authorities estimated that the present population of 2,500,000,000 would grow to 4,000,000,000 in 59 years, 6,000,000,000 in 100 years. The agricultural people estimated they might be able to double food supplies in that time. Other natural resources are being exhausted. Half the minerals removed from the earth in all its history have been mined since 1920."


_____. "Sir Charles Darwin Warns of Over-population Crisis." The Berkeley
     Daily Gazette. 1956.



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