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Robert Frost 2


"Robert Frost"                             Photographed by g. Paul Bishop, '58
                                                                        1958-2018 GPB-P


Robert Frost
(Robert Lee Frost)
1874 - 1963

Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry - 1924, 1931, 1937, 1943


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Robert Frost 2


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Robert Frost
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A critic once said I made Frost look like an old farmer. Well, so much for critics. To look like some sort of New England farmer would have tickled Frost to no end! I don't always include hands in a portrait, but Frost's were do restful. He had a beautiful little rotund belly, like a Santa Claus. And that snow white hair. I took a close-up during this sitting, but over the years it has not weathered as well as this one. As a rule, I insist upon a one-on-one relationship, but this was done in George Stewart's home. He and Frost were great friends. Frost lived a very sad and sorrowful life. There was a great deal of internal tragedy, and that's what he and Stewart were talking about. It was a very personal conversation. They knew I was ther, but I was like a mouse in the corner.

g. Paul Bishop



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