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"Chester Bowles"                                      Photographed by g. Paul Bishop, '56
                                                                                       1956-2018 GPB-P


Chester Bowles
(Chester Bliss Bowles)
1901 - 1986

U.S. Ambassador to India (1963-1969)
U.S. Ambassador to India (1951-1953)
Governor of Connecticut (1949-1951)


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Chester Bowles
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Chester Bowles had been [photographed] by Karsh and he was very unhappy with it. So I was sent [by the University of California Press] to do him. Bowles looked more like we would think of a football coach. He had this tremendous jaw, very, very strong type, rugged face. I don't know what Karsh did. I never saw the picture but whatever he did it made Bowles pretty upset about it. In mine, I think I was just lucky. I got a [really] good picture. I guess he appreciated that because he sent me two other people, one of which being Dean Acheson.

- g. Paul Bishop



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